Season 1: A Long Distance Relationship

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Jonathan Hogan – writing on JDH Blogs


“Hi Tony, I was just ringing to ask if you know when I’m going back? From what I see the cup game is next week. I’ve not had any travel documents sent through yet.”


“I told you they wouldn’t be happy with my expenses, it did seem too good to be true.”

“Ah so they’ve bought me a full Wyscout membership instead?”

“So they said; “it’s doing the best views and engagement on the site but they want it done cheaper”. Typical.”

“Only if he does an interview then?”.

“Alright, cheers for the heads up”.

Back to life in Edinburgh and a free Wyscout membership, I’ll miss Budapest but at least I’ll get Mums cooking for a while longer.

I mean it’s not a bad place to call home.


Valentine’s day well at least I don’t have to overspend on some insane presents this year, in a vague attempt to get shouted at less. Poor Keiran or whatever his name was doesn’t know what he’s got himself in for yet. Time to load up the laptop and enjoy some Bordovia adventures on FM21 before the match against Kaposvar. Which will be watched as it should be, with a beer in my underwear. Too much info?


Well I miss Budapest, there I said it. Are you happy now? As much as I’ve enjoyed being back in Edinburgh I’m not feeling it as much I enjoyed the vibe before Christmas. I mean I’ve seen Hibs book another place at Hampden in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final, or should I say Easter Road West. I’ve enjoyed being out to some of my old haunts but I still miss Budapest. Plus, as much as watching Soroksár play in the comfort of my childhood bedroom is fun, it’s not the same as being at the matches. Particularly some of the away matches, where I made up over 20% of the travelling support. 


We’re going to the final! Hampden Park 8th of May a replay of 2016 and the win! Ah lads!

Also, I got a letter today saying I’m up for an award in the FOJA’s, Best Newcomer in Sport, you’ll never guess the date of the awards dinner… for f*** sake!




Oh yeah, also I won! I’m now technically award winning! What would have happened if I’d actually gotten a decent interview? 


“Hello, Alexander?”

“Aye not too bad, how have you been? First season in management done, how are you feeling about it all?”

“Yeah, I’m award winning now, nah it didn’t come with a pay-rise unfortunately”

“Next season? For the full season? Another interview?”

“I should be flattered, does this mean you missed me?”

“I’m in. When do I fly?”.

Jonathan will return to Budapest for Robertson’s second year in management
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